the Overlake story

Overlake Capital was born out of a passion for superior results and a definite rejection of the status quo. In 2007, the founding partners successfully conceived and launched a first-of-its-kind financial services firm, Empower. In 2011, after being repeatedly approached by individuals and institutions seeking fresh investment opportunities in a changing market, the founders decided to create a home for a new generation of successful investors. Our flagship fund was kicked off in 2012. In early 2014, the partners made the decision to adopt the Overlake name as a token of dedication to our local community of investors, partners, and ventures. While Overlake invests in assets worldwide, we are especially proud of our ties to the Pacific Northwest and our local Seattle-Bellevue community.

Overlake believes strongly in placing our clients’ needs above all else, and in designing investment solutions tailored to the goals of each individual. While our track record of success speaks for itself, we are always seeking ways to improve our services and results. Partners work directly with each and every client to ensure relevant, tangible investment goals are created and achieved.

Welcome to Overlake. Your best days are ahead.